Bogomila And Son Pty Ltd

 Clairvoyants of ancient wisdom from Pirin in the Balkan Mountains

 Direct from the deep heart of the Balkan mountains, Annie Lee (Kransky Sisters) brings you Bogomila and Bogomil, a mother and son team of professional personal service renderers waiting to render services for you. “Your wish is our 20 cents”.

​Be amazed and intrigued as you step through the tent into their bewildering world of comic psychic services, personal beauty care, magical charms and more. These uncanny outcasts may look like fakes, but they are the real thing. A guaranteed laugh and surprise encounter with these two potty, very colourful characters.

​”A farcical but strangely believable, endearing and very funny performance. There was always a crowd eagerly awaiting their turn to go inside the Bogomil’s tent.” Fremantle Street Arts Festival, Australia