Street Theatre


“I am committed to the development of artistic ventures in the community and the shared creation of high quality entertaining works of an international standard.  I am able to create and tailor make street theatre works from small to large-scale to suit any event, working either with your local community, supplied professional performers, or a combination of both.” Annie Lee

Reviews of my street theatre work

“Annie Lee has been a performer and organiser with the Maleny and Woodford Folk Festivals for over a fifteen year period. She has contributed too many impressive and innovative street theatre acts entertaining our audiences both young and old.  Throughout this time, Annie has demonstrated an outstanding degree of professionalism, a strong work ethic and an ability to work to deadlines. Annie has the ability to work within tight budgets making her an asset to any arts event.  Annie shows a deep understanding of performance and production ensuring that the audience are both entertained and engaged. The feedback we receive from audiences is testament to the degree of excellent talent that Annie and the actors she engages in her productions possess.” Bill Hauritz  Festival Director Woodford Folk Festival

“Their last year’s show at the festival was extraordinary, there were queues from the beginning of the festival to the end.  As always, the expression of art is not only popular but challenging to the intellect and in this Annie’s work excels. Our festival organisers attribute much of the success of our event to the quality of the sorts of street theatre and theatrical productions that members of Annie’s team in their various guises have performed over many years.  It is our view that there is a very fine exportable product here that will stand up to the scrutiny of any international event.” Bill Hauritz  Woodford Folk Festival

“Following the outstanding success of the Perkins Family Freak Show, the response to “The Cleavers” has been overwhelming it its popularity and undoubtedly the word is still spreading  from those who witnessed the show. We welcome your presence again at the next Woodford Folk festival. The members of your company are consistently producing work of outstanding quality and integrity, not to mention hilarity of great proportion”.  Annie Peterson Program Director, Woodford Folk Festival

“The Perkin Family Freak Show is a clever mix of commentary on today’s society while being modelled on sideshows of old, thus offering the audience an innovative and thought provoking experience. The show is full of surprises and is a tremendously entertaining event for people of all ages and is of high artistic quality.” Matt Foley Minister for the Arts

“I was immediately stuck by the sensational character actors who brought to life each new addition to the general mayhem. The sets were ingeniously thought out, considering the budget and size restrictions. It all adds to a synergy of complexion far too desperate to tear yourself away from – awesome stuff.”  Kevin Wilkins. Creative director  (Sydney)

“For those lucky ones who were able to attend The Perkin Family Freak Show, they were treated to an entertainment experience of astonishing proportions. Testimony of such was evident by the amount of people queued some 100 metres back for every show. The show’s attraction stemmed from the entire cast’s commitment to the event, the relentless attention to detail, the depth of characterisation and the degree of research that place the show in a dimension far beyond the norm. The unity of focus, vision and purpose will leave me inspired for some time to come.”  Hayden Spencer   (Actor)